Portable air conditioner
The portable air conditioner is used for quick cooling and heating. Compact size, mobility and no need for professional assembly are the greatest advantages of this solution.
Portable air conditioner

Effective and comfortable cooling without the complicated installation

Portable AUX air conditioners will prove useful wherever it is not possible to install usual split air conditioning. They do not require specialized installation - warm air is discharged through an outlet pipe that can be mounted in a window or in a wall. They are distinguished by mobility - the device can be easily moved to another room at any time, thanks to the wheels mounted to the base of the casing. They provide effective cooling while maintaining a low noise level.

Modern design

The MI series portable air conditioner has a simple, minimalist casing with compact size. Its timeless design will match any interior. The combination of the glossy surface of the front panel with the matt finish of the intake louver gives a modern character to the device.

Portable air conditioner
Portable air conditioner

Mobility and exceptionally simple installation

The air conditioners do not require specialized installation and are mobile - they can be easily moved to another room.
This is facilitated by handles located on the sides of the casing and wheels mounted to the base of the device.

Technical data

Model AUX-12MI
Cooling capacity [kW] 3,40
Power [V~,Hz,Ph] 220-240,50,1
Operating voltage (cooling) [A] 5,80
Energy consumption (cooling) m 1300
Maximum power consumption (cooling) [A] 8,00
Energy consumption (cooling) m 1450
EER/COP [W/W] 2,6/-
Energy efficiency class (cooling) - A
Air flow [m3/h] 390/360/330
Noise level [dB(A)] 64,0 / 63,5 / 63,0
Dimensions (width x height x depth) [mm] 476 x 710 x 385
Net / gross weight [kg] 33,0/38,0
Temperature setting range ra 16-32
Refrigerant Type - R290
Compressor Type - Rotacyjna
Producer - GMCC
Power m 985


AUX Air Conditioner functions
R290 refrigerant
AUX Air Conditioner functions
Inverter technology
AUX Air Conditioner functions
AUX Air Conditioner functions
Night mode
AUX Air Conditioner functions
Illuminated wireless controller
AUX Air Conditioner functions
LED display
AUX Air Conditioner functions
Vertical louver movement
Filter contamination indicator
Filter contamination indicator
AUX Air Conditioner functions
Cooling mode
AUX Air Conditioner functions
Fan mode
AUX Air Conditioner functions
Drying mode
AUX Air Conditioner functions
Auto mode

R290 refrigerant

a natural and safe solution for portable air conditioners

The refrigerant R290 (propane) used in AUX portable air conditioners is an organic compound belonging to the group of saturated hydrocarbons. It is characterized by very good thermodynamic properties and a low impact on the natural environment. It is a non-toxic gas with zero ODP and a very low GWP (3) indicators, which confirms its insignificant contribution to the greenhouse effect.

Portable air conditioner
Portable air conditioner

Control panel equipped with a digital display

comfortable and intuitive operation

The device has been equipped with a modern, intuitive and easy-to-use control panel that allows you to easily select the operating mode, air temperature, fan speed and additional functions. The air conditioner can also be controlled with a wireless remote controler.

Automatic movement of the louver - Auto Swing

comfortable and effective cooling

Owing to the Auto Swing function, the double-layer air louver of the AUX portable air conditioner can automatically move up and down, providing better distribution of the cooled air in the room and faster providing the set temperature.

Portable air conditioner
Portable air conditioner

Silent operation

comfortable conditions for a night's rest

By optimizing the design of the air flow duct and using a quiet compressor and a large diameter fan with a highly efficient PG motor, the AUX M series portable air conditioner can provide better air distribution in the room while maintaining a low noise level. The device is also equipped with a night mode, when activated, the fan speed is reduced to a minimum, reducing the noise level and reducing electricity consumption.

Optimized design

high aesthetics and functionality

The construction of the AUX MI series portable air conditioner has been designed to meet the highest requirements in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. The modern, minimalist white casing is equipped with an clear control panel with a digital display. Wheels mounted at the base of the casing and convenient handles allow to carry the device easily. The air conditioner has a steel control box cover which is resistant to fire and dust and a removable front panel for easy access to service the device.

  1. Control panel
  2. Air louver - air outlet
  3. Carrying handle
  4. Removable front panel
  5. Wheels for carrying
  6. Air outlet
  7. Power cord socket
  8. Pump drain
  9. Condensate drain of the lower drain pan
  10. Top air filter (behind the grille)
  11. Top air intake
  12. Condensate drain
  13. Bottom air filter (behind the grille)
  14. Bottom air inlet
  15. Power cord attachment
Portable air conditioner